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Join me, Alexis Katz, of Eyes Wide Open Life + New Law Business Model and Business Funding Expert Ari Page to learn how to get $50,000-$250,000 at 0% for any business expense, to pay off personal credit used to fund your business, or to start your business.

I attended a webinar with Alexis, Ari and Mike a little while ago which I found very informative. On Alexis Katz’s recommendation, I signed up for the program and currently have $80,000 of 0% business credit lines at my disposal. None of these credit lines Fund&Grow 
helped to set up show up on my personal credit report. Having this credit available to cover short falls or expenses during slower months has been very helpful and having the ability to access funds gives us the ability to take advantage of opportunities that arise from time to time that require a little bit more money than we would otherwise have available. I am happy with the service, as well as the extra credit to utilize for my law firm. I recommend Fund&Grow to any attorney or business owner who is smart and can use the added credit and flexibility responsibly. 
– Steve Harkess, Colorado Legal Solutions

When I got started with Fund&Grow, I was unsure if anyone could help me find funding, but they surprisingly took care of everything for me. They were able to obtain $35,000 in 0% business credit and they did all of that within the first 30 days. I took advantage of the partner upgrade and received an additional $32,000 – 
for a total of $67,000. I continue to consult with Crystal, Donna, Zac and others on the Fund&Grow team and they have been very professional and helpful. I am so glad I attended the New Law Business Model webinar and took their advice to get the funding I needed. I was thrilled with Fund&Grow’ efforts, and highly recommend them to any attorney seeking to grow their business. So grateful Alexis recommended them! It’s made a huge difference in my business.
– Jane A., Attorney at Law

I got started with Fund&Grow in May 2013 and by June, they had applied for business credit for me. After a bit of negotiating, the applications turned into over $42,000 in 
0% business credit. I wanted to specifically thank Alexis Katz for referring me to Fund&Grow as well as the team who has helped me achieve my business goals – Amanda, Lisha, and Zac. Now 3 months after my initial investment, I am proud to say that Fund&Grow is all that they say they are and I look forward to receiving even more business credit.
– Val Heart
I have to thank Alexis Katz for recommending the Fund&Grow program to me and my credit partners. They both had little personal credit, and the knowledgeable consultants helped build their personal credit profiles from the ground up. They went on to build 0% business credit lines as high as $25,000! Zac, Donna and Randy have been very helpful throughout the whole process. I’ve obtained a total of $75,200 in credit, higher credit scores and a wealth of knowledge.
– Jonathan L. Houston, Tx
*Note, some of these reviews were written before we changed our name from Credit Card Builders to Fund&Grow. In those instances, we have updated the company name.
Fund&Grow is committed to helping individuals and businesses gain access to credit. In the current lending environment, many individuals who should be able to get credit, cannot. Some feel ripped off or scammed by the bank bailout and wonder why they can’t work the system the way the banks did. If you have reasonably good credit, Fund&Grow's Credit Card Builders program is a proven process to get you the credit you deserve.
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